Titus Project

Titus Project is a 3-month program designed to develop SBS graduates in communication skills and equip them for teaching and preaching on the mission field.

The Titus Project Consists Of

  • Training & Preparation (3 weeks)
  • Outreach (8 weeks)
  • Debriefing (1 week)

Training Phase

Outreach Phase

During the Training and Preparation phase, participants receive training in how to put together and present a lecture, with opportunities to practice and receive feedback. We also cover learning styles, how to illustrate effectively, teaching cross-culturally, and other communication-related topics. During these 3 weeks, participants learn the basic fundamentals of teaching and communicating effectively. Each participant will also have the opportunity to practice teaching and will receive feedback to help them grow in confidence and ability. Classes are bilingual in English and Mandarin, and students may do their teaching practicals using either English or Mandarin.

Following the three weeks of training and preparation, participants are sent out in teams of 3-4 people each. Here, each person has the chance to teach and grow in their communication skills, applying what they learned during the training time. Teaching topics include the Inductive Method, teaching inductively through various books of the Bible, Bible Overview, and various Biblical topics. Outreach locations vary. We are mainly focused in sending teams from here to Southeast and Central Asia.


Why Titus?

We are dedicated to training church leaders throughout the world in the Word of God. To accomplish this, we develop SBS graduates in teaching and preaching, and mobilize them where Bible teaching is greatly needed. Throughout the world, the need for Bible training and Bible teachers is immense!

Titus Project was born out of a vision to bring Bible training to areas of the world such as the above. We aim to provide training for pastors, church leaders, and church planters in the Word of God, so they can more effectively study their Bibles and minister to their congregations. We especially desire to provide training to those who do not have access to Bible training or those who cannot leave their congregation to attend training. The training Titus offers in these areas consists of passing on the tools of the Inductive Method, teaching inductively through a variety of books, Bible overview, and a variety of Biblical topics.

After completing the Titus program, participants will have grown in their confidence and ability to communicate more effectively through teaching and preaching. You will know how to go about putting a teaching together, how to illustrate and present it, and see your own teaching style develop. God may also likely clarify during this time whether you have a long-term calling to teaching and preaching His Word! You will bless church leaders around the world who have limited opportunities to get Bible teaching and training. You will be blessed and challenged meeting and fellowshipping with believers from other cultures and areas of the world.

Who Can Attend?

Upcoming Schools

Any SBS graduate from around the world may join us! If you have a heart to teach the Bible, but feel you could use some extra training and equipping in how to go about it, or just aren’t quite ready to venture out on your own yet – then Titus would be great for you! Prerequisites: CCM 311, 312, 313 (School of Biblical Studies).


March 05, 2018 – May 25, 2018

(Apply by Nov 01, 2017)

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Through Titus project, I changed my perception of teaching. It allows me to understand that I am not the source of giving, but that God has given through me, and therefore I learned to be more humble in working with Him and be His vessel courageously. During the lecture training phase, I learned a lot of teaching skills, discovered the different characteristics of each person who teaches, but also experienced the importance of “application”. The greatest take away for me is learning to see things with God’s perspective, and to live as as a good witness of His.
Chin Yu (Taiwan)
2017 Titus Project Participant
Titus was a challenging and powerfully transforming time for me. My Titus experience pushed me past my comfort zone, it exposed my weaknesses and my insecurities. In the middle of these challenges I learnt to worship God in a new way and to effectively communicate His word, despite my fears. I found that God is most powerful in my weakness and loves to make Himself strong in me, especially when I am broken, afraid or weak. “I dwell in the high and holy place, and also with him who is of a contrite and lowly spirit” (Isaiah 57:15). I came out of Titus with a greater love for God Himself, the God who wrote the Bible, with a passion to teach others how to read the bible for themselves, and to know God personally through His Word.
Jessica Ray Gerri(Australia)

2016 Titus Project Participant

Study Bible, teach Bible, which one is more difficult? Some people might answer that both are difficult. I agree both are not easy, but for me teaching Bible is harder, because I need to let the audience understand my teaching or sharing. Before I joined the Titus project, my sharing time was not very organized. When I am nervous I share whatever comes up in my mind. My sharing time was often a nightmare for the audience. However, I am very happy that after I studied SBS in YWAM Taipei, God challenged me to be part of Titus project. Being able to teach the Bible and share about it is the wonderful skill and tool for mission. During my Titus outreach, I had a lot of opportunities to practice what I learned during our Titus lectures. It was a good challenge. Now I am so excited to continue using this tool for God’s kingdom.
Muli (Mongolia)
2017 Titus Projest Participant

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