Every September

 What is FMS?                                            

We in YWAM Family Ministries believe that God’s Word contains the blue print for family life and the answers for restoration. Families almost always desire to have a strong healthy family life but without some practical keys they are often in the dark as to where to start.

The FMS is a second level course, therefore all applicants must have successfully completed a YWAM DTS. The primary focus of the FMS is in training people in building families on Godly principles and in family restoration.
The FMS is a five month course comprising of twelve weeks live-in lecture phase and eight weeks field assignment with four other optional weeks. The course will commence every September here in Taiwan.

There are five major categories at the core FMS:

  1. World View of Family/Biblical Foundations
  2. The Marriage Relationship
  3. Parenting
  4. Family Counseling
  5. The Role of the Family in Ministry

You will be helped in small groups, and in the preparation of role-plays and in the presentation of this material into your own style. Participants completing this course can expect to participate in running parenting and marriage seminars and to be equipped to help families return to Biblical Standards.

What about our children?

Children’s ministries operate along with the main lecture program of the FMS because we are dedicated in seeing God become a reality in the lives of your children.

What will the living environment be like?

The YWAM lifestyle is simple. Participants live in rooms at the YWAM Base or nearby facilities with people of various ages, nations, cultures & denominations. Meals will be offered in the central kitchen.
 Who can attend?                                        

The FMS is a second level course, therefore all applicants must have successfully completed a YWAM DTS. The primary focus of the FMS is in training people in building families on Godly principles and in family restoration.

Have a calling to help restore family life?       

If so whether you are married or single this course may well be for you! The FMS is intended for YWAM staff, school teachers, pastors, daycare workers, parents, social workers and other interested persons, in order to give Biblical keys and practical tools in family ministry.

Seminar (FMS) is also available to anyone who may wish to study/participate part-time in the form of a Foundations for Family Life Seminar (FFLS) to equip participants and offer healing within a biblical understanding of family. God’s intention for family is a place of love and nurture, where one’s identity and values are shaped; where one learns acceptance and encouragement; honor and submission; discipline and forgiveness. This model then becomes a powerful evangelistic bridge for strengthening families and discipling nations.

This course introduces participants to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life.

The three-month lecture phase targets five major themes related to effective ministry to families; the biblical model of family, God’s design for marriage, godly parenting, Christian family counseling principles and the role of the family in ministry. Participants can anticipate personal development, family growth and skill development throughout the course. Each participant is encouraged to integrate the course material into his or her personal and family life as a preparation for effective ministry to other families.





我們在YWAM 的家庭事工相信:神的話語包含家庭生活的藍圖,以及重建家庭的方法。每個家庭都想要擁有穩固健全的家庭生活,卻沒有實際的作法,以致常常不知從何做起。


FMS是個進階課程,因此,有意參加的人都必須先上過YWAM的 DTS(門徒訓練學校)。FMS的主要目標是要訓練人,以屬神敬虔的原則來建立及重建家庭。



  1. 家庭的世界觀/聖經的基礎
  2. 婚姻關係
  3. 親職教育
  4. 家庭諮商
  5. 家庭在事奉中的角色



家庭事奉學校是二級課程, 因此所有的報名者一定要先完成青年使命團的門徒訓練學校(DTS)。 家庭事奉學校的主要目的是訓練學生如何在屬神的原則上建立家庭和家庭重建